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Why should a lender/purchaser conduct a Phase I "All Appropriate Inquiry" (AAI)?

Commercial and Industrial property development is a major investment. It is important to provide lending institutions, sellers, and potential buyers with assurances that they will not be confronted with costly delays caused by the discovery of unknown environmental hazards.

The new Federal regulations for conducting Phase I ESA's went into effect November 1, 2006. The EPA and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) new regulation (40 CFR part 312.and ASTM 1527-05) dictates that all commercial, industrial, and real estate development will require a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.

LO Environmental offers these assurances by providing Environmental Site Assessments for Real Estate Transactions.

Prospective purchasers, who fail to conduct an "All Appropriate Inquiry" prior to purchasing a property, risk assuming liability for cleanup, should contamination ever be found to have resulted from past practices conducted on the property. CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act) enables liability to be assigned "jointly" or"severally", meaning the current landowner, regardless of their knowledge of past practices, may assume total liability for the cost of cleanup. The only avenue to avoid this risk, is to conduct an AAI prior to purchase, and to meet "continuing obligations" after purchase, if applicable.

Our specialized services extend to soil and groundwater sampling for Phase II Site Characterization, and skilled remediation strategy selection and design for Phase III Corrective Action. LO Environmental, LLC's full spectrum of environmental services include: soil testing and lithology, groundwater and drinking water analysis, soil erosion control, industrial facility compliance for storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPPs), and spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans.


AmerenMO and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) require all commercial marinas, large boat docks, and significant shoreline developments to be permitted prior to construction or installation of Commercial / Residential docks with 10 slips or more.

Part of the permitting process is an Environmental Assessment (EA). The EA provides AmerenMO and FERC information including, but not limited to:

  • Description of proposed facility or use
  • Proposed facility's impact on the enviroment
  • Evaluation of how the proposed use is compatible with:
    • Recreation, shoreline or land use,
    • Dredging
    • Cultural resource
    • Wildlife protection
  • Description of any proposed construction, design, and/or operation
  • Documentation of consultation (copies of correspondence) with appropriate Federal, State, and local governments

FERC Dock Permitting


LO Environmental, LLC is also an approved testing organization for specific durability and destructive testing of encapsulated floats and non-encapsulated floats, as well as the testing of expanded polystyrene for compliance for Federal and State regulations. Testing is followed by a detailed report indicating the results, along with recommendations and conclusions.


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