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LO Environmental, LLC provides wastewater services for municipalities, condos, housing communities, industrial plants, utilities, and government agencies. LO Environmental, LLC provides ALL aspects of wastewater system operation, laboratory analysis, pretreatment monitoring, and collection system maintenance.

LO Environmental, LLC is recognized for the ability to develop and implement cost effective plant improvements.

We have a proven track record of improving "problem" plants to achieve compliance through professional operation. LO Environmental, LLC has an excellent reputation with long-term clients and regulatory authorities.



Waste Water Management and Service

  • New Waste Water Treatment Facility in Sunrise Beach
  • New Waste Water Treatment Facility in Sunrise Beach
  • New Waste Water Treatment Facility in Sunrise Beach
  • New Waste Water Treatment Facility in Sunrise Beach
  • Before Install Of UV System
  • New Waste Water Treatment Facility in Sunrise Beach
  • Exvacation
  • Competion Of Excavation
  • Install Of UV Tubes And Out Flow Piping
  • Side View Of Instalation
  • Installation Of Risers
  • Backfill Of Gravel Pad
  • Top Fill And Contro;; Box Post
  • Completed Installation
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LO Environmental, LLC provides water utility services for water systems ranging in size from three service connections to 1,600. We have the expertise and the resources to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

We provide a range of professional water utility services, including customer service, meter reading, water quality monitoring, water system maintenance operations, and engineering for homeowner associations, municipalities, special districts, and other water system owners.

What We Can Do For You

Whether you are finding it a challenge to meet increasingly stringent water quality standards, responding to after-hours water system emergencies, or making necessary upgrades to your water system, LO Environmental, LLC can help.

Do you need someone to...

  • answer customer calls around the clock?
  • respond quickly to customer emergencies in the dead of night?
  • design upgrades to your water system?
  • perform maintenance and repairs?
  • assume all operational responsibilities?
Whatever your needs, we can offer a hassle-free, cost-competitive solution.

Our customers rely on LO Environmental, LLC to ensure their water supplies meets State and Federal high-quality water standards, for timely emergency services, and for a personal response to their calls.


Drinking Water Management and Service


Civil engineering services offered by LO Environmental, LLC include commercial site plan development, road design, utility extensions, soil erosion control plans, storm water inflow analysis, detention pond design, wastewater treatment design, septic systems, construction specifications, and residential subdivision layout design.



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